Why is the Grand Theft Auto Series So Popular?

Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most priced video game franchise in the world. Rockstar Games has made tremendous progress with the franchise and made billions along the way. Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest opening in the entertainment industry, bringing in $1 billion in 24 hours. It was bigger than the most popular blockbusters such as Avatar, Call of Duty and many more. GTA is all about open gameplay, driving, violence, exploring big cities and much more. So what makes it so popular amongst gamer these days?


The original Grand Theft Auto was released back in 1997 and became an immediate success. Back in the day, it was only released on PC and later it was ported to PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Color. It was a totally new concept with the camera from the top, driving around, gun fights and police chases. At that time there was no such game with a top down camera angle and free roaming feature. This resulted in hours of gametime by a single gamer during one session. The graphics were also on par with the games of that generation plus the gameplay stole the show.

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