Top Facts And Myths About Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Facts & Myths

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The Bermuda Triangle has been something that scientists have been trying to explain for years. There are arguments that this mysterious triangle in all of its vast glory is something that is controlled by supernatural beings, particularly, aliens residing in UFOs.

Others think that there are pure scientific and natural reasons to why so many planes and boats go missing when they enter from any of the sides of the Bermuda Triangle. No matter what perspective you look at it from.

This special triangle has all sorts of mysteries that have drawn all sorts of attention and research in order to understand them and share it with the masses. Here are the top facts circling the Bermuda Triangle, its myths and history.

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  • Vasuda Khannna

    Bermuda triangle must be a scary place. Bermuda has eaten so many ships and planes

    • Indeed Bermuda triangle must be a very scary place .. with full of mysteries hidden in its womb

  • Vasuda Khannna

    Bermuda Triangle is really one of the top most mystery place.

  • ishan dewan

    Bermuda Triangle has failed the top claims of our research and technology. Our researchers, scientists have failed to give a proper explanation to the mishappenings and mysterious disappearance of ships and airplanes.

  • Ritika Verma

    The bermuda triangle is biggest mystery of modern world. This Devils triangle is really weird.

  • Lynda Foxx

    I always thought that Bermuda triangle stories are just fake. BTW nice facts about bermuda trianle