Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Border Collie #10

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So, you are looking to your furry family and are searching for the right dog to do just that?

Well, if you're looking for one that is smart and ready to meet all of your needs, check out this complete list of the top ten smartest dogs. You'll find the right, smart match to make your family complete!

Border collies are known for their hyper personalities. These are great herding dogs that will get the job done and be able to think about doing it the right way. They can be trained to herd at a long distance from a shepherd and not lose a single member of the herd without human interaction.

They can be trained in all sorts of other modern ways too, making it a great challenge for those that are looking for some fun in training and memory recall. This is a great breed for a curious mind.

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  • Vasuda Khannna

    I have two little poddle dogs!! Poddle has to be on the first stop they are very active and most intelligent dog breeds