Small Ways To Say I Love You, Without Really Saying It

sayiloveuThere are literally hundreds of ways for you to profess your love for someone. You send them a text. You dedicate Facebook statuses conveying your undying love and dedication to that special someone. You make sure that those three meaningful words are proclaimed at least once in a day!

But here’s the thing; sometimes, it’s not the words that convey feelings perfectly – it is the actions. In healthy relationships, it’s not always about saying how much you love each other – it’s about showing!

Are you saying the right words – without really saying it? Here are little ways you can say “I love you”:


Make Time for Your Partner

Regardless of how busy you are, you should always be able to find time for them. You may have many things to attend to, and maybe your partner fully understands it; however, going out of your way and making them feel like they are priority is always special.

If that sounds too difficult, it’s never too hard to pick up the phone, call them up and ask how their day. The best you can do is take a small break and meet over for lunch or just a coffee. A picnic on the weekend is also a good idea.

Listen To Your Partner

One of the smallest, yet most ways of showing love is listening to your partner. Listen to each word and give the best response to what they say, even when you find the topic of the conversation is not of your interest.

Kisses and Hugs

Nothing can beat the warmth of intimacy. Whether it’s a good morning kiss, a good night peck on the check or a hug; don’t think twice before showing them that you care. This is indeed the best gesture to fortify your love and affection.

Do Small Things to Make Their Life Easier

It’s not always about money and gifts; sometimes, doing something as small as helping them with their routine chores can strengthen the bond of love. Small activities such as throwing out the trash or buying necessary fruits and vegetables without informing them, or doing something that they don’t like doing can make them happy and loved.

As you read, you may find that this is something very insignificant and small, just try, at least once to make your partner’s life a bit easier.

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Author: Magzim

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