Laughter Is The Best Medicine!!

Get a Healthy Body and Positive Mindset through Laughter Yoga

There is a scientific basis saying that laughing is a great way to generate positive mindset to a person. Laughing is a great way to start your day and shower your life with only positive vibes. Smiling and laughing can relatively make you feel good about yourself and outlook about life. These are also the signs that you are happy.


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Laughter and smile are considered as physical reactions of humans. It involves audible and rhythmical contractions of your person’s respiratory system and diaphragm. It is also a response of human’s body to internal and external stimuli. Smiling and laughing can be triggered because of humorous thoughts, stories and by means of tickling. There are many people saying that laughing is a way to express positive thoughts and emotions.

Don’t you know that laughing is also a great way with medicinal purpose in a human body and mindset? Laughing is now included as a type of yoga that can generate positivism. It can provide therapeutic claims to people who seek for positive outlook in life. There are now many people who love Laughter Yoga. As of now, there are now many people want to try Laughter Yoga. Well, to try laughter yoga is indeed a great way to acquire positive vibes. To smile and laugh is an important because being happy will keep you motivated and inspired to do your best on every task you do either at work or in school.laughter-yoga

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Laughing is good for your mind and body. It brings several advantages that you will notice in the long run. To be part of a support group and organization that involves laughter yoga is a smart idea that can generate happiness and ways to repress somber, serious and boring daily life routine. No doubt that laughing is the cheapest and effective medicine that you can have to heal either from physical or emotional pain. The good news is that you can try laughing yoga for free and easily.

Benefits of Laughing and Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga started in the year 1995 and developed by Dr. Madan Kataria. Laughter yoga involves that combination of stretching, yoga breathing and unconditional laughter. It is not an awkward type of Yoga because you can join in a group that involves this type of Yoga. Laughing with your friends, family and group is relatively beneficial. Laughter yoga is beneficial for children, men and women with different age brackets. Benefits of laugh yoga are listed below:

  • Great Health benefits-You can exercise your cardiovascular system and reduce your blood pressure level By means of trying laughter yoga. People who are suffering from heart diseases must also try this type of yoga so that they can speed up healing process of their body.
  • Reduce and delay early signs of aging- It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other early signs of aging. By means of laughing, you can acquire youthful look.
  • Reduce negative emotions- Laughter yoga can help you reduce negative emotions such as stress and anxiety.

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