Infidelity: A Sin or Boon for Your Relationship?


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Every romantic relationship deals with specific challenges and problems, whether you are just starting to have an intimate relationship with someone or have committed to a long-lasting marriage.

Dealing with and overcoming challenges is a component of your relationship’s development, but several types of problems can be much devastating to both of you if not managed well. One of the many issues that a couple has to deal with is infidelity.

Infidelity is"" target="_blank"> 30 to 60% of couples in United States will indulge in infidelity at any point during their marriage. Unfaithfulness has become more common among partners or couples in their late twenties
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  • laura

    It’s really important to understand why affairs happen. Decades of research support this: people commit infidelity in response to, or escape from, their unaddressed emotional issues. It is NOT the fault of the marriage, or the betrayed spouse, or the internet.

    If you are unhappy in your marriage, you have three acceptable choices: 1) leave 2) go to your own therapy 3) ask your spouse to join you in couples counseling. Notice, infidelity is not one of those choices.

    Sometimes the relationship ends. Sometimes it mends. We’ve been there.

    Laura S

    Executive Director

    Infidelity Counseling Network

  • Herbert Peters

    Infidelity is an instinct, not just for humans, and it has to be healthy despite religions imposing restrictions. Behaviour out of love is culturally conditioned responses.
    1. What is okey in west is not okey in India for instance kissing in public is becoming a serious issue for Hindus and Muslims.
    2. There is a community where women has more than one husband – Thoda community at Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, India.
    3. Many societies allows polygamy!

    • Ishan Dewan

      These all are exceptions in modern times .. the examples u hv quoted. Infidelity is a SIN and cannot be justified

      • Herbert Peters

        Yes. People who enjoy lives and live longer are exceptions from the ORDINARY!

        • Ishan Dewan

          Exceptions are there but they never prove the rule 😀

  • Johan Luckas

    I find it difficult to understand why two people that once agreed to stay together in all condition will fail apart. I’m a victim of divorce and i must let you know a simple fact, it is a horrible experience you don’t wanna have. Going into marriage again, I’m totally doubtful. I dislike Infidelity, i can imagine having an unfaithful wife.