Generation Gap Between You And Your Parents

Times are changing drastically and things are constantly evolving. Because our environment is changing at a rapid rate we are forced to adapt. Unfortunately for some of the people, they have to also evolve and change their behavior or habits. This might not be easy for many of people around the world. There are countless cases of funny examples of older people that don’t want to accept technological or marriage changes.

This can be funny but also sad in many ways.

So what are examples of generation gaps between you and your parents?

And how can we deal with them? Those are the questions that we should be asking ourselves.

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Generation Gap in Technology

Remember the days when there was no cell phones?

You probably don’t but your parents can. For you it might be a hard workup for your memory cells to recall and you might find it difficult to imagine that world without cell phones. You feel how can one survive without them.

Well my friend, your parents managed to survive just fine and let me tell you that they are doing pretty well as a matter of fact.

As a parents they know that technology can improve our lives but also can have negative impact on it. There are few examples of cell phones having bad influence on us.

One of them is that we are detached from interpersonal interactions. Instead of interacting with one another in person we spend more time with computers and cell phones. This is definitely understandable that our parents feel concerned because we are detaching from the real world into video games and social networks.

Instead of playing outside and being active, we sit in front of computer getting bad health habits.

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Generation Gap in Dating

Dating is another good example of gap generation.

Your parents don’t understand that you are in love of your life and how you supposed to live without your second half. You need to make them understand the concept of space in a relationship that it’s not the only thing in life!

Then your parents worry about you being going physical with someone!

You had to have manners and do things conservative way. It should be like old virtues carried in new style. One should be mod but descent. Being descent is never out of trend my friends!

Take your old mom dad to night parties let them live this change too, feel the new aura! may be they understand the change and agree your point of view your way.

Remember they have always been understanding when you were a kid they will go broad-minded this time!

They will understand being broad-minded is not like getting your brains out of your head 😉 it is as simple as having tea in the morning with your spouse or getting your date online 😉

Generation Gap in Dressing

Fashion is definitely different than it was before.

Back in the day you had to wear a suit to a church even as a kid. How classy you had to be in order to attend a mas. Today on the other hand, kids dress with baggy pants showing their underpants. Girls prefer pants shorts! Parents do not find it appropriate to show skin and youngster take it as being at ease!

Fashion is something one is comfortable at and wearing bay pants instead of three piece suits is surely comfortable! Parents too agree on this point but they want you to be presentable enough without realizing the other side!

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Taboos, Superstitions, Fads

Old rituals taboos are undoubtedly carried with time. Parents want their children to carry on their trend of never ending- superstitions and the new generation want reasoning for everything. They find it ok to eat whatever whenever they want to; parents find it disrespectful to old taboos 😉 parents insist on going back home on crossing of a black cat and you simply find it a wastage of irrecoverable time!

This is main issue of everyday unnecessary arguments! Parents have to understand that God is not worried about you eating non-veg on a Tuesday; global warming is a bigger issue! The innocent black cat is a little animal going somewhere and in no interest of harming you!

There will always be generation gaps between kids and parents.

There is no possible solution to prevent that, but what we can do is to work around them.

Come into the agreement.

Explain our positions and where we are coming from. Mutual understanding is the key to successful relationships in a family. Which brings me to a point, what happened to eating dinner together at a table for quality family time parents and kids these days?

Yes, both of you are at fault here. talking to each other on little thins and giving a broader prospect to problems on the part of both youths and their children is the final solution!

Author: Magzim

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