To Diet or Not?

To Diet or Not?

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If Getting Healthy is One of Your New Year's Resolution then Dieting must have crossed your mind. In this article we will try to break some myths about dieting and would also share you some tips on how to eat healthy and be fit for life.
So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Dieting”?
Is it – Starvation, hunger, only fruits, No Chocolate n Ice Cream, or Boiled Veggies... Arghh :(

If these are the same words that come to your mind then you have to read what's ahead.
Dieting is not wrong. What's wrong is actually the perception, that we have of Dieting. Dieting never meant the above words.

First of all, we all have this misconception that Dieting is for weight loss. It's a wrong representation. First and foremost thing is, you should never ever have a goal like weight loss or fat loss, your goal should be to get fit and healthy.

To Diet, is not eating less. It's eating right. Diet control is not starving or depriving yourself, it's to see and know what you are putting in your mouth. So, if your goal is getting healthy and more fitter through dieting, read ahead for ten simple tips.
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Author: Jyoti Singh

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  • Ritika Verma

    Wow very nice tips .. hope my this year healthy resolution may not get ruined again like previous years 😛

    • Jyoti Singh

      Thanks Ritika. Here to a great New Year 🙂

    • magzimontherocks

      Glad you liked it 🙂

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