15 Amazing Twitter Facts of 2014

Twitter has been with us for more than eight years and along with Facebook, has managed to redefine the Internet and Social Networking or Social Media even though it wasn’t exactly built for it. Many were skeptical that posting to describe what one felt, what was happening or a reaction to an issue in a challenging measly 140 characters would catch on but it did. Twitter became one of the fastest growing social media websites in the world. Want to know more? Then read on.

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  • Like some high profile Technology Companies like Apple and Microsoft, the idea for Twitter came from an undergrad, named Jack Dorsey. He is also one of Twitter’s earliest accounts and made the first tweet on March 21, 2006.

    • Twitter is currently valued at 27 billion USD.
    • Twitter has more than 300 billion tweets since founder Jack Dorsey’s first message. On average, 58 million more tweets are added every day.
    • There are over 640 million registered Twitter users. About 135,000 users sign up every day.
    • The highest number of Twitter users is China at 35 million.
    • There are over 20 million fake Twitter users. These users are often created by programs and are called ‘bots’ to generate fake followers of a person to increase his/her popularity. Some of them are often impersonations of famous celebrities prompting Twitter to include a verification system for them.
    • The top five celebrities on Twitter as of May 2014 are: Katy Perry with more than 60 million followers; Justin Bieber with more than 57 million ‘beliebers’; Barack Obama with more than 50 million followers; Lady Gaga with more than 42 million followers and Taylor Swift with over 47 million. The most followed brand on Twitter is Youtube with over 46 million followers. Ordinary people have an average of 208 followers.

  • Forty percent of Twitter users only read tweets, not post them. Also, forty percent of tweets you read are basically pointless while 38 percent are conversational, nine percent are retweets, six percent promotional, four percent are for spam and news.
  • If you want more attention to your tweet, include an image or image link. A picture is worth more than 140 characters. Also tweets with hashtags are more likely to be retweeted or responded to.
  • The internet term ‘trending’ or ‘trending topic’ and hashtag were popularized by Twitter. It basically means a topic currently most tweeted about or passed on. The topic is often prefixed with the pound symbol ‘#’ or hashtag.
  • The most retweeted image has been Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie with other Hollywood stars during the 86thOscars on March 2, 2014 which has 3.4 million retweets.

  • Twitter has been used to organize and spread protests notably the Arab Spring in 2011 and the latest is Taiwan’s Occupy Central.
  • Over 180 million Twitter users use their mobile phone to tweet. Twitter’s premise of simplicity makes it more suitable as a mobile application.
  • The average Twitter user spends about 170 minutes per month.
  • The highest number of tweets by a user is 6.9 million by user (_Necro_) most likely through the use of ‘bots’

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