A Young Couple’s Guide to Building Love That Lasts

1All good things come to an end – or should it? Can the same be said for our love life? How is it that some couples evolve as an example, with years of fidelity, compassion and companionship; while others fail to cross the six month milestone?

The world we live in – its social conventions, ideologies, concepts – each make it difficult to develop a lasting relationship with our better half. Accounting to multiple factors, both internal and external, relationships wither overtime.

As much as 3 million first dates take place all around the world every day. Nonetheless, you can make your relationship last. Here is a brief young couple’s guide to building long-lasting love:


Many times, when relationships are left with little hope, people tend to lose confidence of fostering it and bringing back the lost love. The major reason behind this is the lack of believe. They feel that their partner has no sentiments for them whatsoever. The key is to have faith and believe in the bond you share. Despite the fact that in today’s culture, marriage and relationships seems like a leap of faith, the truth is that faith is a prerequisite to establishing long-lasting and unbreakable bonds. Never entertain the thought of a failed relationship. Make it taboo in your relationship. Instead, focus on working things through in difficult times.

There’s Love, It’s Time to Show It!

Love is not about making great promises. It’s the little things that make relationships special. From soft kisses on the forehead, surprising snuggles, to simply listening to someone. Such acts of love and kindness keep the relationship alive and strong.

Be Careful Of These

Lack of love and care are not the only reasons that weaken relationships. There are some warning signs that if you, as a spouse or partner, take notice of can change things for the better. Be vigilant of factors that are directly or indirectly breaking your relationship.

For instance, drug addiction, excessive debt, and unexplained friendships with the opposite sex etc are few of the things that can put a dent on the strongest of relationships.

If you feel that you found the right person with whom you are ready to spend the rest of your life, there’s little that can keep you from doing so. But you need to start from yourself. Take those initiatives. It’s worth fighting for; so armor up!

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